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Each company's communications challenge is unique. Custom strategic counsel will help your leadership team and business reach their full potential. I deliver solutions tailored to your industry, culture and one-of-a-kind challenges.

I am a firm believer in the no-B.S. approach. It is important to accurately identify problems, be honest about their risks and opportunities, and completely transparent in executing the necessary solutions. Again, Caeli is with you.

I'm John Martin McDonald, a senior communications leader with decades of crisis management experience as a member of the media, in top PR agencies and with five Fortune 500 companies. My firm offers a range of strategic communications consulting services, all designed to help your company reach its potential in times of stress or disarray. Whether you're looking for a small comms tweak or a complete program overhaul to a new strategy, we have you covered.

I've seen most everything - bankruptcies, mergers, divestitures and more. From Papal visits to plane crashes, kidnappings to Fortune 500 mergers, there are hundreds of reasons why your team and company may be under stress. I have been down that road and can help you lead the way.

I have had to stand in front of dozens of cameras and hundreds of employees to tell the story and share the vision. I can help you and your team see the bigger picture and find the way forward. Caeli is with you.